Monday 26 February – Sunday 4 March

During this week, we are going to be practicing what to do when you hear the Lifeguard blow 3 whistles during swimming lessons.

Once per lesson, the Lifeguard will blow their whistle 3 times loudly.

  • Students will be asked to sit on the edge of the pool and listen closely to their Swim Teacher.
  • They will not be allowed back in the water until the Lifeguard says it is safe to do so.
  • Swim Teachers will explain that in a real-life evacuation, they might need to go outside or stand further away, but they need to stay with their Swim Teacher at all times.
  • Please don’t ask students to come over to parents, they need to remain with the Swim Teacher as they have the duty of care during lessons.

This should only take 5 minutes out of lesson time, but is a very valuable learning experience.

Any queries, please ask your Swim Teacher.