From Monday 3rd of August everyone in Victoria, excluding children under 12, will be required to wear a face mask when inside. So what does this mean for HILAC users?

According to the latest Victorian Government directives, “you don’t need to wear a face covering while undertaking strenuous exercise or playing sport. You do have to carry a face covering with you so you can wear it before or after exercising, unless you have a lawful exception.” This will mean that masks must be worn at all times within the centre excluding while you are exercising.

Entry into the centre will be refused to users who are unwilling to comply with directive without a lawful exemption.

An example of how centre users will abide by this rule is by wearing their face mask into the centre, whilst they check in at reception and even when they enter the gym. The covering can then be removed at the beginning of your exercise session and may remain off until its completion. The covering will need to be put back on immediately after your exercise has finished and must be worn at all times from that point forward. This situation will remain the same for all strenuous activities within the centre including basketball, swimming, squash, table tennis or group exercise.

Please refer to the Department of Health and Human Services website for more information: