COVID-19: Restricted Operations

Due to the current Victorian government directives our operation will look a little different for the foreseeable future. Our changes will be in line with state and federal government advice to ensure the safety of our patrons, staff and most importantly the community as a whole. We are closely monitoring the situation and government directives to stay up-to-date on how we can provide the best possible service to our users. This post will summarise how our operation has changed to meet current restrictions and will be updated regularly as the situation changes. Please refer the the Department of Health and Human Services website for additional information.

DHHS Website

The following information from the DHHS website will be relevant to our operation at HILAC and the details of restrictions are subject to change without notice.

Latest changes will be in bold

Swimming at HILAC?

~ Indoor and outdoor swimming pools can have a maximum of 20 patrons. There is no limit on the number of people per lane in each pool.

~ Communal showers and change rooms can open. However, poor ventilation and the shared nature of these facilities increase the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission.

~ It is recommended that patrons shower at home prior to visiting and physical distancing applies to all non-water parts of pool facilities.

~ A swimming pool including those used by a single professional sporting team must keep a record of the people who have attended.

~ If you are watching your child swim (and are not entering the water), you are not included in the limit on the number of people in the pool. The number of people in the pool facility (i.e. those who aren’t in the pool) shouldn’t exceed the four square metre rule. To understand how this applies to your local pool, you should contact them.  You should maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between you and others who are not from your household.

Gym, group exercise and multi-purpose court use?

~ Indoor sports centres and venues (for example, gyms, health clubs, class-based fitness studios, dance studios) can open. No more than 20 participants are allowed per separate space, subject to the four square metre rule, with up to 10 people per group or class. There are no limits on the number of people per group or class if all participants are 18 years old or younger.

~ Up to 10 people are allowed per group or activity, such as a pilates or pump class, at any one time. The class instructor is not counted as part of the 10.

~ Venues with multiple separate enclosed spaces must ensure there are measures in place to limit close contact between patrons in shared spaces such as foyers and bathrooms.

~ Changes to these dates will be subject to the advice of the Chief Health Officer.

Changes to our operation?

The following information will highlight the changes to our operation when we open on the 22nd of June 2020. This information may be updated and changed without notice.

~ Patrons must report to reception at the beginning of each visit to check in.

~ There will be no 24/7 access to the gym for the foreseeable future to enforce restrictions.

~ Showering, bathroom and changing facilities will be available for patrons. We still recommend that you change and shower at home. 

~ Group exercise attendees will be required to book in online or over the phone prior to arriving at the centre (more information will be available soon).

~ Gym attendees will be required to bring a towel and their own water bottle to the facility. You will also be required to wipe down all of your equipment before and after use.

~ Social distancing measures and attendance limits for areas and activities will be strictly enforced.


The latest update from Facebook about our pool operation.

👉 We can have a maximum of 20 people per pool and 20 people spectating per pool.

👉 There are only a couple of reasons to come for a swim:

  • Lap swimming and fitness.
  • Hydrotherapy or remedial activities.

👉 We are unable to hand out equipment.

👉 We also encourage you to shower and change at home.

👉 Please abide by all directions given by staff


The latest update about the gym operation from Facebook.

👉Please use the hand sanitizer provided.

👉Bring your own towel and water bottle.

👉Wipe all of your equipment before and after use.

👉Be quick with your workout, limit unnecessary time spent in the gym.

👉Always report to reception when you visit.

👉Abide by all directions given by staff.