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Gym & Group exercise programs


Description: Description: \\Challenger\sgscwebdevelopment\HILAC website\images\Vitality - gym.jpgVitality Health & Fitness can assist in achieving all of your health and fitness goals by tailoring a program to suit your individual needs.


Vitality prides itself on creating an environment in which everyone feels comfortable. The equipment on offer is state of the art and the staff are highly trained and qualified to ensure that you use the safest and most effective training methods possible, in a fun and friendly environment.




Group Exercise


Training in the group environment can be a fun and motivating way to enhance your health and fitness. Vitality and Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Centre have a broad range of classes that cater for all interests and levels of fitness, both in and out of the pool.


See the group exercise timetable for further information on class details or feel free to chat to one of our friendly staff.


Click here to download the current Vitality Group Exercise Program


Click here to download the current Vitality Gym Plus Program


Click here to download the current Vitality Fit 55's Program